We are a Free Methodist Church, part of many churches connected around the globe. We believe strongly in sharing the Good News of Jesus! If you would like more information regarding what our missionaries are doing, or some programs that you can donate to, please visit the sites below.

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Michael & Maria Long

Mike & Vickie Reynen

Mike & Vickie Reynen
Mike & Vicki Reynen live in Kenya, Africa. He is the Africa Area Director so travels the entire continent with administrative responsibilities. The African continent has 57 countries. Free Methodist Missions are in about 28 of them. Vicki oversees the Child Care Ministries in the various countries. 
Dale Woods
Dale Woods has been appointed as the new Area Director for the Middle East and North Africa. In this capacity he is also the Executive Director of Impact Middle East through which the Free Methodist Church serves in this region of the world. Dale’s primary purpose will be to help develop leaders and strategies for Community Church Planting in the Middle East, as well as engage and equip the U.S.  Free Methodist Church to partner and pray.  Dale and his wife, Dawn, have served both locally and denominationally for 28 years.

Mike & Maria Long


Mike & Maria Long serve in Greece. Winona Lake Free Methodist Church is Mike’s home church where he grew up and was known as “Kevin”. After High School he traveled  to Greece  and volunteered for two years in street ministry. While there he met Maria, who is Greek, and the rest is history. They have served as pastors within the Free Methodist Church both in Florida and Indiana. After feeling the calling, they returned to Greece as missionaries. Both Mike and Maria have a passion to share Jesus with the people of Greece. 

Creative Access

Some workers serve in countries that are considered creative access, countries in which the public proclamation of the gospel is restricted. Evangelistic efforts in these countries can pose dangers to one’s life, well-being or freedom.”
Ken & Linda, live in Iraq in the Kurdistan region. In this creative access country they are learning the majority language and culture.
Building relationships is very important in a culture where everything is based upon them. This takes time. Ken, a medical doctor, is also doing some clinics in out-lying areas. We support them with $1000 each year.